GB Whatsaap-Why don’t my GB WhatsApp calls ring?

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Turn off Do Not Disturb

Even if you have the incoming call volume turned up to maximum, you will still not be alerted by a ringtone as long as you have Do Not Disturb turned on. So you can check if Do Not Disturb is turned on.

Clear the cache

When your phone is reaching its storage limit, it is extremely easy for your apps to fail. Try clearing your cache and uninstalling any apps you don’t need.

Restart your Android phone

Most people try to reboot their phones when there is a problem with the app. This is really a good idea. You can also try it. Maybe your phone has just been lazy.

Reinstall or update GB Whatsaap (GB WhatsApp)

In the process of using an application, it is inevitable that there will be program errors, GB Whatsaap (GB WhatsApp) is the same. You can uninstall GB Whatsaap (GB WhatsApp) and reinstall it. Or update it to the latest version.

We hope the above methods will be useful for your GB WhatsApp.

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